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Originally from the UK, I moved to Dubai in 2012 to continue my Passion for Fitness.

Growing up, Sport was always an essential part of my daily routine. Throughout school and university I played Lacrosse for North England and Yorkshire, Tennis at club level and thrived on living an active lifestyle.

Prior to working in fitness, my professional background was in Advertising, working across International Advertising Agencies for 8 years in London. In 2010 the time came to kick off the heels and replace them with running shoes, to pursue my passion in fitness as a career.

As a Fitness and Lifestyle coach, I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports Masseuse and Theta Healer.

I assist clients physically and holistically to ‘Get Fit for Life’. I believe that achieving long-term personal health and fitness goals doesn’t just happen in the gym or with exercise; it encompasses lifestyle choices too.

The most important thing in life is always be yourself. Never change for anyone. What you do and how you look may not suit everyone but to others you are their perfect match. Never give up and always strive to reach your goals, and beyond.


CYQ Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer (Central YMCA Qualification) with Focus Training
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
TRX qualified
FlyBarre Instructor @ FlyWheel Dubai
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Pre & Post Natal

Get Fit for Life

Being fit goes far beyond just the physical. It is a mindset and a way of life.

True Fitness is a holistic philosophy, it’s about laying the foundations for physical, mental and emotional health that set you up to fulfill your upmost potential, every day.

Through expert knowledge and deep personal insight, I work to re-energise and encourage clients to break through barriers they formerly thought impossible, and opening the possibility of the life they always wanted to lead. A life that is richer and focused on quality for today and future.

It’s about celebrating life and ensuring that you make the absolute most of it for longer.



Working with clients is a long term commitment to enable them to feel better, live longer and enjoy life to the max. Being ‘Fit for Life’ doesn’t mean you need to lift huge weights, compete, be an athlete, spend every spare hour training or sacrifice the good things in life. It is a long term lifestyle choice which encompasses enhancing everything you do in your day to day life and HOW you can do it better. Which in turn enables you to live longer and feel stronger. Specialties Include:

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Client Testimonials

  • “I have been training with Sam for nearly 2 years…Over this period Sam has been highly motivational, professional and supportive. No routine has been the same, she has listened to what I wanted and needed.
    Sam has also trained my husband who lost 3 stone. She changed the way he thought about exercise, fitness and well being, so much so that he now trains regularly by himself. Sam is a wonderful personal trainer and I genuinely look forward to my sessions”

  • “What makes Sam truly special is her ability to surprise you every session by making it even more unique and effective than the previous one. Training with Sam means getting the right work out for your body every single time and transforming yourself into a much fitter and toned body in less than a few weeks. For me, Sam’s interest in my own personal goals and close monitoring of my life and diet, in addition to my training, makes her not only a professional but also an encouraging friend”

  • “Thank you for everything Sam, your work has helped me no end, I can’t stop singing your praises”

  • “When I began my training with Sam, I had not had a regular fitness routine in over a year. I was overworked and unable to commit to working out with any regularity. Sam was quick to assess my needs and built a plan that I could stick with thanks in large part to her ongoing support, motivation, and commitment to me. I now see Sam three days a week for a combination of cardio and strength training. I feel better than I ever have and the results are clearly visible.”

    Katie O’Reilly
    Katie O’Reilly
  • “Sam… You have truly helped me a ton on getting
    (1) overall better in shape especially mobility and flexibility
    (2) recovering amazingly well after my hamstring tear and
    (3) getting leaner and preserve more muscle mass”

    Andy Mack – Online Client – International Sprinter
    Andy Mack


If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact Sam to start your journey on Getting Fit for Life.

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